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BATTERY – ASUS REAL GENUINE A31-K52 A32-K52 A41-K52 A42-K52 A52 A52J A52F K42F K42JR K52J 49WH

6 Months Warranty 

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This Laptop Battery is compatible with the following models:

A40, A40De, A40Dr, A40J, A40JA, A40JE, A40JP,
A40Jc, A40Jr, A40Jv, A42, A42D, A42DE, A42DQ,
A42E, A42F, A42J, A42JA, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK,
A42JR, A42JV, A42QR, A52, A52F, A52J, A52JB,
A52JC, A52JK, A52JR, A52JT, A62, B53, B53E, B53F,
B53J, B53JC, B53S, K42, K42D, K42DE, K42DQ, K42DR,
K42F, K42J, K42JA, K42JB, K42JC, K42JE, K42JK,
K42JP, K42JR, K42JV, K42JY, K42JZ, K42N, K52,
K52D, K52DE, K52DR, K52DV, K52DY, K52F, K52J,
K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK, K52JR, K52JT, K52JU,
K52JV, K52N, K62, K62F, K62J, K62JR, N82, N82E,
N82EI, N82J, N82JG, N82JQ, N82JV, P42, P42F, P42J,
P42JC, P52, P52F, P52J, P52JC, X42, X42D, X42DE,
X42E, X42F, X42J, X42JB, X42JE, X42JK, X42JR,
X42JV, X52, X52D, X52DE, X52DR, X52Dy, X52F, X52J,
X52JB, X52JC, X52JE, X52JG, X52JK, X52JR, X52Jt,
X52Ju, X52Jv, X52N, X52Sg

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